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Desert Dunes

We are Temple Arts Practitioners 

about us


We are Women and Mothers who are invested in healing, and nourishing our lands, and our bodies. We are passionate about serving our community by offering spaces that educate, provide sacred experiential learning, play, ritual, prayer and are inherently safe. We are devoted to creating spaces for soul emergence. All of our offerings support the body for somatic healing,  release of trauma patterns, honoring the body temple and offer new ways of being, and spaces to practice that new way. Our events and services a strong emphasis on weaving in the erotic and ecstatic currents. Our events are held with a prayer that all in attendance feel their body, that they experience themselves, our practice is to fall deeply in love with life, and what is in front of us, how much love, life, and presence can we bring into every moment. We LOVE Temple, and Temple spaces, so we bring this service to salt lake equally for you and us, to practice, play, learn and create together. 

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