wild woman Retreat

oct 29- nov 1

New Mexico

The Dark Mother 
She rises from the depth of grief in ecstasty. 
transforming into a portal.
guiding life from oneness into vibrational form.
She has always been.
Steady as the flow of life to death and back again.
No amount of denial and shame can tame her mastery
 of elemental magic.
Her understanding of quantum hearing.
Shh, she says,
Now we listen.
Now we see.
I haven’t been waiting for you.
I am you. 





Lalla Rose

Lalla Rose is an embodiment of black light.  As a walking earth temple, she grounds void into matter acting as a monadic conduit initiated by and into the Sophia Dragon Tribe.  Her greatest excitement and gifts lie in her tantric practice, of deeply and unconditionally loving all, to intertwine the feminine with the masculine in ecstatic oneness.  Her god and her lover is Mystery. She believes that everyone should return to innocence and their inner child and then fuck.  Known for expressing wild freedom and liberation for ecstatic expression.  Her retreats create initiation experiences that guide your consciousness to embodied remembrance of its natural heavenly state.  She lives life through the magnetic flow of love, which brought her down the path of Dakini, Kundalini Yoga, and over a decade of practicing energy medicine arts, using Theta.  She continues to penetrate the Akash to deepen the multidimensionality and expansion of the soul self.  As a Sex Shaman, she has studied in ritualistic temples. She is currently completing the Energetic Orgasm course and will be releasing her first book "The Past Life of Simon Peter" this summer. 




Victoria is a channel of the Earth, Priestess and sacred space holder.

A friend to the darkness, she is passionate about creating ritual in guidance from 

Gaia and in line with her rhythms that bring shadows from the depths to be integrated.

Known for her work with the moon, her women’s circles have brought women home to 

themselves through unique guided meditation and sacred grief expression. Balanced in masculine and feminine she creates a fusion of flow and framework crafting a unique space for expression and magic.With the use of astrology she channels embodied experiences to penetrate each sheath of our multidimensional self. Working with Victoria brings clarity and decoding for visions, messages and dreams. She believes you hold all the wisdom within and is skilled in empowering you to access and align with your divine sight. She is purposed with realigning the divine feminine within to the great mother so we may dance wild and free in the embrace of our Earth. 


Victoria is the owner of Blue Lotus Yoga, a yoga teacher trainer, clinical herbalist,

retreat facilitator and sound healer. She guides women in ritual each Full Moon and 

regularly communes deep in the woods with the Gaia to receive her guidance.

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“Tiff is an akashic channel, crystal guide, intutive empath, & lover of all. 

She works with the akashic records as a tool to constantly learn, grow, and evolve in mind, body, & spirit. 

in her akashic readings, she serves as a conduit & channel for divine light to magnify & reflect unconditional love to others. her readings are an energetic transmission & are intended to (re)awaken the innate nature & universal wisdom that resides within us all. 

she is a seeker of light & of truth, a wanderer. 

she lets herself get lost, knowing that she is always  found. 

the great mysteries of creation beckon her into the void to bring the unknown to known. uniting darkness & light. 

she is very fond of navigating the inner realms, diving deep into the endless depths that she has yet to explore.

her heart is immensely grateful for all that is & her thirst & hunger for spirit are insatiable, yearning for more, as she continually presses closer & closer to discover just how completely intertwined with the divine (within) we can become, as an embodied human being. 

radical self love & acceptance is her mantra for life, & she advocates for loving ourselves boundlessly & infinitely.   

she is on the path to a lifelong devotion of rekindling & nurturing the flame of her connection to the divine feminine & divine masculine within, and feels called to remind others of their innocence, purity, & wholeness.”



3:00 - Arrive

find your goddess room, unpack, explore the beautiful property.







7:00- Opening Circle 

introductions, consent, setting intentions, inviting in the masters.  



8:00 -Open to the mystery 





8:00 -Dark mother Elixers




8:15- open to movement



8:45 - Breakfast



10:00 -  Hathor Kundalini Yoga

this ancient yoga style specializes in bringing awareness to the sexual energy residing in the base of the spine, and rising it.



12:30 - Lunch



2:00 -open to the mystery 



5:00 - Dinner



7:00 - Serpent Sensual Dancing




8:00 - Dark Mother Elixers

a special drink to awaken the senses





8:45 - Breakfast



10:00 - Dark mother Dynamic meditation

using the breath, voice and body movement to move stuck energy, clearing sexual trauma 



12:00 - Lunch



1:00 - open to the mystery 



5:30 - Dinner




10:00 - Wild Woman Magdelene Channeling

commune and receive messages from the Magdelene Collective




8 :00 - dark mother Elixers

a tantalizing tea



8:15 -Self Pleasure Closing circle

using the power of the yoni and our sexual creatrix energy to manifest and seal in the codes received over the weekend.

This is a loose schedule open to the flow of the event 



New Mexico


Join us for a weekend of raw, wild, unleashed divine, feminine expression and love.

Where we will acquaint ourselves with our shadow so that we may more brightly shine our light.

Creating a bond of sisterhood to be held, to be seen in a safe container 

based upon consent and boundaries.

Where your inner Dark Mother is not only welcomed but encouraged.


The time of denying the Dark Mother is coming to an end. 

It is time for women to reclaim their power in the darkness. 

The repression of this archetype is no accident. 

Our power of creation, our sexual expression, our strength

lie in the darkness, in the shadow self, in the freedom of uninhibited rage.


The mysticism and strength of a woman who embodies the light and the dark 

is unmatched and has throughout history been met with fear. 

When we look into the eyes of the Dark Mother we see our own darkness, our rage and desires. 

We have been taught to look away, to repress our shadow and our inner dark feminine. 

This denial of self leads to dysfunctional projection and destruction of the dark mother anywhere she resides in the outer world. 

The Earth, Women, Magic, Sexuality, Grief and Rage in every human being.


“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”  ― C.G. Jung


We no longer accept this repression of the root of existence. 

The work begins with reclaiming our own shadow.

Together we will walk toward the Dark Mother. 

Surrender as she engulfs us in her infinite dark womb to emerge reborn,

Fully alive where the very vibration of life force is enough to 

send waves of pleasure throughout the body and throughout all of existance 


When you surrender to death, 

You are free to truly live. 


The New Earth is coming and all facets of the Divine Feminine are needed

to birth the New Age. What is your role in this turning of the tides?

The Dark Mother is waiting to show you.

Will you answer the call?



AFTER sept 28th - $1333





Gourmet Vegan Menu

Full payment

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