wild woman Retreat

This is a portal of epic transformation and deep exploration in the realm of eros. Join us on a journey as we go from repression to expression of the serpent energy that lives within all of us. Together we will shed our skins again and again, each time awakening to a more embodied and empowered version of ourselves. The spirit of the wild women has clearly stated that it is time to claim back your power through fully owning your sexuality. Will you answer the call? We are now at a time in history where the potential growth in our sexual experience is exponential. 


-Sex, From Sin to Sacred-

The serpent has been a symbol of healing, the goddess, and sexuality for as long as we can remember. Since the fall of the roman empire and the rise of the catholic church we have severed the relationship between the sexual and spiritual. We have been demonizing, shaming, and hiding the powerful expression of what this serpent energy is. What happens when we stop restricting our erotic expression? What happens when the serpent is unleashed?


-Sex Positivity and Safety-

This is a sex-positive space for anyone who identifies as a woman. We welcome women of all ages, sexual identities, and backgrounds. While we honor men, we have curated this event to focus on women’s work. We will give you the tools of consent and boundaries and create a beautiful container of safety for your transformation that you can use to empower and enhance the intimacy (both sexual and non-sexual)  in your personal life.


-Grounding spirituality into the body through Tantra-

Tantra is a path of being ourselves as much as we can be. It is not a religion as there is no specific dogma or deity. In Tantra we are all the goddesses and gods here experiencing heaven on earth. Yes, that means we don’t have to die or ascend to experience the divine.  It’s actually already here, waiting for us to finally feel it. In Tantra we bring to conscious that which has been unconscious. We dive in to the depth of our body, soul and psych, to look at what we have been hiding in the shadow. Through illuminating what we haven’t been able to see and feeling what has been lying dormant in our emotional bodies, we can then write a new story that is aligned with our present moment truth. No longer do we need to be held back by past traumas, the way we were raised by our parents, or conditioned  by society. At this retreat you will have the opportunity redefine your relationship to sexuality and awaken to new deeper ways of relating to your sisters through tantric ritual.


-Life Force Activation-

Our sexual energy is our creative energy. When we are tuned into our energy we can start to work with it as a powerful tool for manifesting the lives that we really want to be living.

Meet your nagas

Wendeya is a conduit of the Wild feminine. She is a retreat facilitator and space holder.  She is the embodiment of the Serpent firebird. Her greatest excitement and gifts lie in developing fun, sensual, unique ways to reclaim lost and forgotten aspects of oneself, and bringing a union to the masculine, feminine. She has developed exercises externally that mirror the inner journey to self. She is known for her Wild Woman retreats, and is passionate about bringing the "wild" psyche of the feminine out of suppression and bringing it into liberation for herself and others. She is a tantric tribe designer, building community through deep connection.


 She has been in the healing arts for the last 10 (earth) years and is familiar with what it takes to cause a lasting change in the body, spirit, mind, and subconscious. For each retreat, gathering, or workshop she has meticulously created particular rituals and initiations, to penetrate on the deepest levels. She speaks the language of spirit allowing her to witness the symbolism and patterns that they use to speak, and translates that into an experience that is deeply powerful. Using her gifts she is able to access to the Akashic records, and takes you to places familiar yet forgotten, expanding the portal to the multidimensional you.

Wendeya, has mastered and teaches Theta healing, she is a QHHT practitioner, and has trained in many other Energy medicine modalities. She has developed her own modality called; Theta-Heart healing, which she practices and teaches to others. She has created courses on multi sensory sexuality, bringing awareness to sex beyond the 5 senses. She has recently finished her first book, -The past life of Simon Peter. As a kundalini Yoga instructor, she hosts and facilitates many retreats, awakening Shakti and empowering connection to self and Gaia.

Hannah Heart is a channel of wild love and sacred sexuality. Her work, Intimacy Alchemy, invokes and inspires deep, authentic connection to oneself, community, the earth, and the cosmos. Through shamanic ceremonies and tantric rituals she takes individuals and groups on journeys that invite beings to be sexually empowered, embodied , and awake. Intimacy is a human need and many of us are barely getting enough to survive. When we can take full ownership of how we show up in love, we can get out of survival mode and start to really thrive. Working with Hannah will give you clarity on what is blocking your sexual expression, allow you to tap into your life force energy and freely express your true essence so you are empowered to create the life and relationships you really desire.


Hannah travels the world serving the planet with her love and magic. She is certified as a Tantric Facilitator and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner through the School of Tribal Tantra, certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and has also studied Sexual Shamanism with the International School of Temple Arts. She has been professionally practicing as a Tantric Bodyworker and Dakini Mentor for five years and has been facilitating experiences and coaching globally for three years. A lifelong student and connection geek, she is now studying permaculture as a way to create more sustainable sacred sex-positive and eco-conscious community.


Jan 30th - Feb 2


3:00 - Arrive

find your goddess room, unpack, explore the beautiful property.







7:00- Opening Circle 

introductions, consent, setting intentions, inviting in the masters.  



8:00 - Meet The Serpent within

diving deep into the subconscious with a guided meditation, visualization and communing with the Naga





8:00 -Snake Elixers

a mixture of herbs assisting is the awakening of your sexual energy




8:15- Morning Circle with Rapè

a sacred plant medicine that assists in clearing the chackras and raising the kundalini



8:45 - Breakfast



10:00 -  Hathor Kundalini Yoga

this ancient yoga style specializes in bringing awareness to the sexual energy residing in the base of the spine, and rising it.



12:30 - Lunch



2:00 -Sacred Spot Ceremony

open and clear what is blocking your full pleasure potential



5:00 - Dinner



7:00 - Serpent Sensual Dancing

Tune into your erotic energy through movement while we connect and heal our relationship to the serpent, 



9:00 - Cacoa and Cuddles

Open your heart with the medicine of cacao and connect through loving touch with your sisters,





8:00 - Snake Elixers

a special drink to awaken the senses



8:15 - Morning Circle with Rapè

using sacred plant medicine to bring pleasure, exploring the energetic orgasm




8:45 - Breakfast



10:00 - Shadow Serpent Dynamic meditation

using the breath, voice and body movement to move stuck energy, clearing sexual trauma 



12:00 - Lunch



1:00 - Body adornment & Serpent photoshoot

Allow your beauty to shine through and take photos with a live snake if you desire.



5:30 - Dinner



7:00 - Self Love Talent show

express love for yourself in any way that looks to you, in front of your celebrating sisters.



10:00 - Wild Woman Magdelene Channeling

commune and receive messages from the Magdelene Collective




8 :00 - Snake Elixers

a tantalizing tea



8:15 -Self Pleasure Closing circle

using the power of the yoni and our sexual creatrix energy to manifest and seal in the codes received over the weekend.

This is a loose schedule open to the flow of the event 


San Diego


We will be staying in a beautiful tudor mansion on a peaceful 40 acre property with lakes and hiking trails.

Gourmet Vegan Menu



AFTER December 12TH - $1330





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