Indigo sun summer camp


Mount Shasta California

August 16th-19th

join us on a journey to the inner worlds... 

we've been called to form a container for those on this similar path; seeking to ascend spiritually. 

together we will travel to sacred sites which will serve us as portals to our divine temples within. 

we are honored to guide you all in this retreat, and hold each of you in a safe and sacred

space of unconditional love and acceptance.

in co-creation we will transcend our conditioned beliefs of perceived limitations, and tap into the subtle

  (yet infinite and ever present) life force energy so we may reach the highest heights and deepest depths

within our being.

 Mt. Shasta is known to have ties to Lemuria, and it is our desire to tune into this evolved consciousness

and receive wisdom from this ancient civilization, for our growth and evolution; as individuals and for the 

collective whole of humanity.

this potent Lemurian energy will be available to us, and will assist us in allowing ourselves to reach higher

dimensional planes of awareness... helping us attune to a harmonious, heart-centered reality of oneness.

in our ceremonies, and through our intentions, we will receive transmissions of this bliss~harmony~love

frequency, which will invoke a feeling or sense of wholeness and oneness within.

we have also received an inspired message that we will each have the opportunity to connect with our

own Lemurian spirit guide. this is so that we may align more fully with their energy, become a consistent

receptor for their guidance and wisdom, and merge with aspects of our higher self. 

when we begin to feel and activate that frequency within our own energetic field, we will emanate and

send a ripple out into the quantum field, transmitting an imprint of this love frequency through all those

who we come into contact with. 

10:00am - sound bath at pluto's cave

12:00pm - plant based lunch on location

3:00pm - stewart mineral springs

6:00pm - plant based dinner

8:00pm - lemurian channeling



3:00pm - opening circle

5:00pm - plant based dinner

7:00pm - sunset lemurian akashic activation at panther meadows

9:00pm - santa maria and star gazing 

10:00pm - ceremonial

stick & poke tattoos


8:00am - indigo sun elixers

8:15am - morning circle

9:00am - kundalini lemurian forest/sound bath yoga

10:00am - plant medicine ceremony 

6:00pm - plant based dinner

8:00pm - lumerian contact

8:00am - indigo sun elixers

8:15am - morning circle

9:00am - crystalline infused yoga

10:30am - mossbrae falls

12:00pm - plant based lunch on location

3:00pm - castle crags initiation

6:00pm - closing circle




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         Friday [VIP Day] will be a day of adventure, soaking up all that Mt. Shasta has to offer. We will begin our day at Pluto's Cave, which is one of the most ancient lava tube caves still in existence. Pluto's Cave is believed to be an inner-Earth gateway entrance along activated ley-line meridians. The ancients used this land for vision quests. There are grassy grove areas you can feel the palpable vortex energies of activation. We will bring our crystal bowls and participate in a sound bath, nestled in the womb of Mother Earth. This will be an experience like no other as we voyage into our own inner earth body, to discover ourselves on deeper levels. 

    After our sound bath, we will provide a delicious vegan lunch on location. All of our food is prepared with love and reiki. 

    We will then venture to the ancient Stewart Mineral Springs. Some of the most sacred, healing and unique waters in the world. This has been a significant place that the ancient indigenous tribes of the area have held sacred for generations. These waters are unique in that they sit at the merging of two different springs, one feminine in mineral compound and energy, and one masculine. Much like the sacred waters found in Glastonbury, England.  A perfect place for balancing and activating these energies within.

You will receive your own personal drawn bath, use of sauna, and as many dips in their cold plunge pool as you wish. If you look at the waters closely here, you will be able to see a soft green glow emanating from the springs, this is the ionic plasma field found in only the purest waters on Earth. 

    After our soaks in the springs, we will head to town for dinner on the patio of our favorite Thai food restaurant.  Then we will head to our sleeping quarters for the night. We have a few surprises in store for you when we get there! ;) 



    Saturday we arrive at Red Fir campground, also known as Ascension Rock. This land is infamous for its palpable vortex that serves as a personal doorway to Shasta's multidimensional realm. Many gather to this otherworldly location for ceremony, meditation, and more. Everything that we do at this retreat will be enhanced by the incredible energies of this land. We will gather for our opening circle, where we will connect in with the land and each other. After our circle, we will enjoy our gourmet vegan dinner.  Then, we head to Panther Meadows, one of the most ancient outdoor temple sites on Mount Shasta. This land has a picturesque view of Mount Shasta and is known as a place of interdimensional connecting. Many report meeting fairies, tall whites, gnomes, spaceships, and various other phenomena. At this location, we will sink deep into our Lumerian akashic activation.

 When we return to our campsite, we will partake in Santa Maria and star gazing. It will be at this time, that those who wish to receive their ceremonial crystal stick & poke tattoos may start the process; anchoring into their cells all of the codes from this location and weekend {seeding your own akashic lines, if you will :) }

 When we are ready to sleep, we will retreat into our beautiful canvas tents, under the red fir trees. 


      Sunday, we rise again and drink our indigo sun chakra elixers, gather in our morning circle, and come together for a special kundalini yoga, forest chanting, gong bath. We will then initiate our plant medicine journey. Our ceremony on this land will include sitting with one of the wisest, and most ancient, plant teachers on this planet. If you have any questions about the plant medicine we will be using, feel free to reach out to us. After dinner, we will hold a special space for Lemurian contact and codes to be downloaded from within, these codes are much needed to help ground in your New Earth.

      Monday we wake up and drink another of our indigo sun chakra elixers, then gather at ascension rock for our morning circle, crystalline infused yoga, followed by breakfast. We will then head to Mossbrae Falls, a breathtaking portal to the dimension of Lemuria. Here we will bask in the negative ions that fill this holy space, eat lunch, and just BE. Our next excursion takes us to Castle Crags for our final ceremony. Some believe Castle Crags to be part of the lost continent of Lemuria, also called MU. This ancient land is a living library to a parallel timeline of an ancient civilization. The stones are the record keepers of the resonance when the Earth and all life thereupon only knew purity of peace. Accessing this gateway is as close as remembering in your heart the feeling that all life is open to love. It is said that this civilization did not know lack of pain, they only knew of perfection and harmony of connectedness. The land holds the memory of everything connected to the sacred heart.  Some believe that there are a series of lava tubes that are secret passageways into inner earth entrances used by the Lemurians and spiritual initiates. The land has serpent lines which are also called the kundalini of Mother Earths' body, which we will connect to within ourselves, during kundalini yoga the morning before.

Price for Saturday-monday - $777

Early Bird Pricing-$555

(April 18th-may 3rd)



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