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LaLoba (Wild Woman Collective Channeling)

Wendeya- Asking the questions

Julie- Spreaking as La Loba, giving a channeled message. 

Wendeya: The Vibration of that Collective... and become one with it. In heart and mind so that they can easily communicate with your heart and mind.. with the images symbols and language that they use. The brain patterns of you and them become one, as the heart patterns become one. You're floating in a timeless space with them as one. What do you see? What are your first impressions?

Julie: Darkness. There's a deep blue, teal color and I feel and see the image of a wolf and when you were talking about me becoming one, I felt the vibration of this darker energy. It's very direct, knowing, aggressive & stern.

Wendeya: Thank you & who am I speaking with right now?

Julie: La Loba. I feel like I am part woman, part animal.  The aggression comes from the animal and the softness comes from the woman combined. She's very....... Her senses are so heightened and keen. She has night vision and her sense of smell is incredible. She's a hunter.

Wendeya: What does she Hunt & Why?

Julie: Bones...I hunt for bones because the bones have a story to tell and I listened to the stories. I bury the bones I collect. They're sacred to me. I keep them inside of my cave. I'm surrounded by stories and it's my job to keep the stories and to find them so that they're not forgotten and so that they're not lost. In this way the spirit of the stories, lives on. And as I bury the bones and as they become one with the earth, so does the story. It begins to spread and takes on new life so that it doesn't ever die and the song and the essence of the story, it's like a living, breathing thing. The stories tell us who we are and where we come from and they remind us of things that we have forgotten.

Wendeya: How can we tune into these stories?

Julie: Listen to the earth, lay on the dirt and put your ear to the ground and listen. And You will hear stories just like you are hearing me now and my vibration has become a part of Julie's vibration and we are one. The stories long to connect with you. Just as you long to connect with them and to understand, and it is through the earth that this understanding will come.

Wendeya: Thank You. What do you look like?

Julie: A Wolf. I do not look like a woman. I am a Hunter. I stalk my prey.

Wendeya: How do you stalk your Bones?

Julie: At night, when it is quiet. I creep and I listen.

Wendeya: What do you listen for?

Julie: It is hard to describe, but... there is a calling, sometimes a melody, sometimes the feel of just the

wind or the air on my fur. It's more of an intuitive knowing and sometimes the stories and the bones they've been separated and so I'll find pieces and then I,.....I quite easily find all of the pieces actually because they belong together and even though they may not be physically together... energetically, they long to be reunited and so they call and I listen. I just hear it and then I reunite them.

Wendeya: You reunite the stories of the bones?

Julie: Yes. And the physical bones with the bones too if they're not together.

Wendeya: And so can you tell me more about how you reunite the story with the bones?

Julie: The story lingers with the creature, that once lived, who told the story. Many times I collect the bones of animals. Occasionally I collect the bones, what you would call humans. They each have their stories to tell, and I simply help to ensure that the stories are not forgotten and that they are heard. I hear the stories. I know the stories. I know all of the stories. I am the keeper of the stories. It is why I hear the songs that no one else hears. Why I feel the wind. See. What you don't know is that on other levels, things that you believe to be silent are actually not silent and I can hear those things.

Wendeya: Hmm. And why are the stories so important to remember?

Julie: Because the stories embody Humanity. The story's embody who we were, who we are, who we will be. The stories teach us.

Wendy: Where can we go to find these stories other than to listen to the earth? Is there any other way?

Julie: Many stories have been lost, but it is time. It is time for the stories to come forth once again and they will reveal themselves to you as you are ready to hear them.

Wendeya: What's the most poignant story for us to hear at this moment in time?

Julie: The story of who you are.

Wendeya: How does that story go?

Julie: It is a story, a story that does not come from bones, nor does it come from any one creature. It is a story that lies within oneself. It is a story that has been lying dormant that is ready to be awakened, awakened within every single individual who wants to know, who wants to listen, who wants to see the truth. All one must do is ask and have a desire to understand and to know the story. And it will unfold and it will become known to you within your own heart, within your own body and mind and soul, like pillars of light. It will fill you. It will change you.

Wendeya: Thank you. Is there something about the Native American story that you shared with us at this time?

Julie: I have lived many lives. I have known many people, but there is no group that I have loved more. I hide in the shadows. I live in the darkness. But when the Native Americans were a more prominent group, when they were caring for the earth. I lived in the light. I walked in the day. They were not afraid of me. In fact, they worshiped me, called me a God. Although I am not a God, I am just simply who I am, but they were very, very special to me. I feel a deep connection to them as they feel a deep connection to me and as we both feel a deep connection to what you call earth. The earth is sacred. Her waters are sacred, Her soil is sacred. It pains me that there are so many who have lived below, above and on that do no understand this. They did. They knew, they understood. I have inside of me many stories that I was taught from the Indigenous People, the Native Americans, as you call them. If you truly desire to know and understand you must learn from them. You must study their Practices. You must develop a sacred connection with all that is. And All that was & All that will be. For that Is Everything. And you cannot know or understand when you are wasting laying waste.

Wendeya: What is the most poignant Native American Practice or Ritual that we can do here now. That would be most beneficial for us to connect with Earth.

Julie: You must Awaken. You must Awaken your Spirits and I would recommend that you do this by the light of the night sky. It does not matter if there is, but one or if there are many. Oneness, Unity. Oneness in thought, in mind, in objective, in goal. Come together in Oneness and there is nothing you will not achieve. I see an Initiation. I see fire and dancing. I feel the vibration of drums, the weathered skin, the dry hide. The Dirt, dust..the singing, singing, singing. It is hard for me to describe to you the ceremony that I am witnessing but it is enough to say that somehow you must discover or come to know what it is that I'm trying to tell you. And Incorporate that, so that you might achieve & know what they know. And truly connect with a deeper understanding of yourselves and the Earth.

Wendeya: Thank You. Can you tell us about Rituals and Ceremonies and how they change or affect humanity when they do them?

Julie: Hmmmm. LOVE. There's great power in this. There is great Power in Oneness. I apologize. I feel the Wolf over taking me, as I am both a Woman and a Wolf. I feel many times that I might snarl or snap or growl at you. I feel very angry.

Wendeya: Why?

Julie: But...I try to subdue the anger and I leave it for my Hunting.

Wendeya: Why are you angry?

Julie: I am angry because of how I have been treated. I am angry because I live in the Darkness. The Shadows.

Wendeya: How are you treated?

Julie: I am treated as if, as if I would hurt someone. As if I would draw blood. As if I were wild without restraint. As if I were dangerous. And I am. I am all of those things, but I am also LOVE. And I am also the Keeper of Stories. And I am All of who I am for a reason, and I accept the darkness that lies within myself and the light. And I use them both. I.... I have traveled infinitely. My paws have touched All of your Earth. This is my blessing and my curse for I have no home. I wander through the desert, through the forest...through desolate places. And others that are...brimming with Life. It is because of the stories. It is because of the stories, that I do this. And it is why I'm here now talking to you, telling you about my great work and about the stories that I have been collecting for Centuries. For I will never die and I will continue my great work until, All of the stories have been heard.

Wendeya: Why is it important for all the stories to be heard?

Julie: Truth, truths. Lies, many lies. Many untrue stories. And it is time for the Truth. It is time to no longer be blind. It is time to open your eyes.

Wendeya: La Loba can you tell us one of the biggest untrue stories that we believe. That will help us the most to know the truth.

Julie: Your very nature, your very nature is wild and untamed. And yet you feel stifled. You have been told how to behave. You have been told how to live. You have been Told and Told and Told! Why can you not just be? Your nature is such. And you are powerful beyond your knowing. And you must accept this in order to be this and to let go of what you have been told. And to let go of who you think you ought to be. And Instead, just embrace what and who you really are, which is...wild.

Wendeya: What does it mean to be Wild?

Julie: To be wild is to be truly free. It has to roam. It is to do what you want because it is what you want. It is deep within values, a way of being that is unspoken. It is not unruly or dangerous or reckless. It is simply free.

Wendeya: What do you think is the biggest thing stopping people from being wild and free?

Julie: It is changing. It is changing. I can only answer a few more questions. Julie is overwhelmed by the anger that I feel and she is uncomfortable, but she has allowed me to speak with you and I wanted to deliver this message to you.

Wendeya: Thank you. Ok, a couple more questions. What is the wild woman collective?

Julie: I am the Wild Woman Collective. You are the Wild Woman Collective. Anyone and everything who is open to being and connecting with who SHE truly is, is the Wild Woman Collective.

Wendeya: Beautiful. Thank you. How can we support each other in bringing about the Collective Consciousness of the Wild Woman?

Julie: This makes me very happy. If you had seen what I have seen, your heart would grow cold and angry as part of mine has, but this question...Ahhhh gives me such hope. Support and Love One Another. Cease to be judging. Cease to think that you know. Just create a space for full acceptance and full love and full understanding and join in Unity. The Unity of Oneness. Of heart and of mind and of desire. And Grow it. Grow it until it's so big that it reaches the very heavens. Grow it until it's so big, that it will change the hearts of all those who are within it's's field, it's range.

Wendeya: Thank you. One last question. What does it look like when one is not in touch with their wild woman?

Julie: Sadness, lost, unknowing, confusion, chaos. That is All. Thank You.

Wendeya: Any last words for us?

Julie: Go and Do. I must go now.

Wendeya: Thank you. We thank you for all the information you've given us today.


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