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Study Of Language Fourth Edition Answer Key [April-2022]




If you’re completely new to this course, you can still benefit from my book as you can find samples of my advice throughout it. For those who’ve studied for years, this book could also be a good ‘cheat sheet’ for remembering the material. The Study of Language 1. What has changed in the last twenty years in language teaching? This is a difficult question to answer. Without sounding immodest, the study of language can be said to have changed in more ways than you could ever hope to count. The concepts of grammar, word choice, context, usage, and idiom have been the driving forces behind this change in the last 20 years. There is also a whole world of software and tools now available that we just didn’t have 20 years ago. 2. Name three ways that the study of language has changed over the last twenty years. Empiricism, analytical studies and the use of language have all changed as the study of language is no longer just an incidental part of the teacher’s job. As people have been able to move away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that was taken in the 70s and 80s, and have started to understand the multitude of ways that language is used and used in all types of social situations, people are now researching the effect of various teaching methods and have become much more sophisticated and critical. The idea of ‘trans-national’ is a new one in language teaching and has only come about since we have been able to move into the 21st Century. 3. What is meant by ‘the study of language’? When people say that they study language, they are usually referring to a course of study that focuses on language as a process or discipline, as in the school subject ‘English’ or ‘French’. It is sometimes used to mean that the teacher is ‘teaching’ language, but this is a much more generalised use. In my experience, it is a teacher’s job to study and understand language as a discipline, and to be able to teach it to others. It could also be said that ‘to study language’ is the equivalent of ‘to study English’, or ‘to study Mathematics’. The former example is more common than the latter, but either is appropriate in relation to a course of study



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Study Of Language Fourth Edition Answer Key [April-2022]

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