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The Theta heart of healing, is a healing modality used by me in my sessions. (Also taught in my classes). It combines the powerful theta brainwaves, while conducting the heart energy for healing. This results in deep healing beyond the conscious mind, being able to communicate to the innate self, to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Theta-Heart healing is SELF EMPOWERED healing. I hold the space, and am the witness to you returning to wholeness. All healing is self healing.

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Each session looks different, as i tap into divine guidance, from your higher self, to navigate the session for the individualized way that is best for your healing. each of us holds our own unique universe of belief systems, and each of us will have just as a unique and individualized way of healing. your guides and I work with what will fit into these belief systems the most efficiently to create deep healing and movement of energy, to move you forward in claiming the health and life you want to create.   

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