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Sept 11-16

Meet the oracle 

I lay sleeping on the beach of samothraki Greece

Between stars, sand and waves

My consciousness slips into dream state

I become aware of undulating ripples moving through the earth, pulsing out from somewhere..

I follow it to its source

It is a glowing white orb

This orb is Communicating with every pulsing ripple.

It is under the ground, I become aware that I am at Delphi

I understand this orb to be the oracle of Delphi

We make contact the oracle and I, That night on the beach in greece. She calls me to her.

A few weeks later I get myself to Delphi. Feet on the land, and We start building a relationship- more on that later.

The awareness that this miraculous world is alive is deepening. It has a world body and world soul, a consciousness, meridians, energy lines that run through it, just like us. It has acupressure points like us too, a pineal gland, a navel, lungs, a womb. And just like our bodies the planet is communicating with us all the time.

Some of these energy center points are where the ancients, keenly aware of the aliveness of the planet, and able to feel her energetics, built their temples, and sacred sites.

The Oracle of Delphi asked me to come back with 12 women, she wants to teach us. She wants us to remember, she wants her walking oracles activated.



What this will look like

We are going to Delphi to meet her it, be taught by her and have her be our teacher. I am creating a container that is built around Delphi at the enter. Opportunities are architected in these containers to be led by the oracle through the whole of the group. We enter the soul container together with equanimity, a co-created container where all are contributing their unique gifts. We will practice soul tribal living together. This translates to- this is not a catered retreat style gathering. We will gather as tribe to divide and cook the pre arranged meals, blessing and connecting with our food, we will be creating our temple. While other nights we will eat dinner at the taverna over looking the Delphi valley. We will be sharing intimate space and have what I call village life protocols that will be built into the container. We are implementing some the the ancient Oracle of Delphi rituals and traditions. We are creating a container for 13 woman, we will be staying at a villa in Delphi as we connect deeply with the land and join in oracular and shamanic ritual together to deepen our practice. We will work with the Temples there, and explore the sacred rivers and magic mountains.


A container orchestrated, where we are the oracular reflections.


Image by silversea

example of day

you will get a full schedule of the container once you have registered.



- dream share with dream journal & partner

-offerings and oracular meditation

-on the land

-oracular circle


-morning gates to ecstasy dance


(space for us to weave our gifts)


-oracular song circle in sacred cave



-dream tea elixer

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