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Happy you're here.

Aloha! I have been called many names, Momma, Wendy, Lalla Rose, & Wendeya, to name a few. Whatever you know me as or come to know me as, my heart responds to Love.

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My Story

I grew up mormon, I practiced it religiously for 33 years, and a part of me really loved it, although I am not practicing that religion anymore, that part still lives inside me. The light and dark aspects of me have swung to some very tantric extremes. I went from teaching children about Jesus in church to teaching women how to squirt in the woods. Teaching each one with the deepest of devotion. Because of this upbringing Temples have been a focal point in my life. I got married in one, I performed ceremony and ritual in them most of my life, and it has always been sacred to me. As my life went through some shifts and letting go I have been exploring what Temple is to me and what it has been to others.  have been take on a journey to experience new and beautiful ways to temple.  It has also made my walk as a Temple Arts practitioner very interesting 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, and ways to Temple. Let's connect.

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